In the drive for perfection, SANHUA Automotive has developed broad-based technology that reflects the demands of a global market place. Anticipating our customers’ needs ensures we are continually working to improve our process, products and services.



SANHUA Automotive has become an expert in the pursuit of excellence in automotive thermal management.

We are dedicated to developing multiple layers of services, catering to our customers’ demands:

  • High-quality thermal components
  • Integrated system integration solutions
  • Advanced technology innovations

Our client-focused approach puts us in an ideal position to respond quickly to the complex and diverse automotive needs of our clients.

Innovative Opportunities

In traditional vehicles areas, SANHUA Automotive leads in efficiency improvements and assists our customers in receiving US EPA fuel economy credits. We have achieved this, for example, in thermal components for start-stop engine systems, turbo charge systems, new generation engines and transmission systems.

In recent years, the demand for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles has increased significantly. SANHUA Automotive has developed solutions for the unique issues present with EV and PHEV cars, specifically in electronic components and battery cooling and heat pump systems that provide a balance between the energy needed to run the vehicle, satisfying the climatic comfort of the occupants and extend the driving mileage.

In light of today’s focus on environmental concerns, SANHUA Automotive has expanded its expertise to include the new low-global-warming potential refrigerant systems of R1234yf and R744. When we see an opportunity to improve vehicle efficiency and passenger comfort, the people at SANHUA Automotive make it happen.

Product Portfolio

SANHUA Automotive offers a wide array of products, with an emphasis on thermal management systems and new-energy vehicle HVAC systems. Our complete line of high-quality thermal management products gives us the opportunity to design solutions to our customers’ specific needs while maintaining a competitive price.

Technical Capabilities

Continuous improvement with the research to back it up

Every new product and component in SANHUA Automotive’s arsenal has come out of the research and development department. The thermal management components and systems we offer for conventional and new energy vehicle cars have been scrutinized by our research engineer team. The work doesn’t stop once a new product has been developed. Every month, SANHUA Automotive components are reviewed for possible improvement and efficiency, ensuring they remain the best option for industry manufacturers.

Our innovative engineering approach is the result of several key components:

  • Our projects are led by experts with experience in the global environment
  • First rate test labs to support system and component level qualifications
  • 4% of annual incomes is invested back into research and development

And the innovation continues, as of 2018, SANHUA Holding Group  has applied for 3,525 patents in China , 466 outside of China and have received approval for1,574 in China ,255 outside China. SANHUA Automotive has  applied for1,100 patents at home ,205 patents abroad and  have received approval for 396 at home ,102 abroad.

Tasked with tempering the technology

Project management occurs at different stages of the product development process. Two types of projects are pursued at SANHUA Automotive: TDP (technology development process) and PDP (product development process). TDP projects are innovative technologies to sustain developments for the future and PDP projects are for customers with contracts for high quality control in development.

Design Tools

SANHUA Automotive is using state-of-the-art design tools to guarantee the quality and efficiency of our designs. For example, a concept plan is created using the design tools:


For software design, a prototype is crafted using hardware in loop (HIL) design tools:

  • dSPACE MicroAutoBox
  • A&D, AD5435
  • xPC Target
  • Rapid Prototyping Part

To get an indication of a product’s progress and readiness, it is passed through a performance prediction process using design tools, including:

  • Pumplinx for pump hydraulic design
  • SPEED and MagNet for motor design
  • MATLAB/Simulink for control design
  • Dymola for thermal system/component simulation
  • STAR-CCM+ for CFD simulation
  • SOLIDWORKS and external support for FEA simulation

SANHUA Automotive is in a class of its own

Quality control is not only a mindset, but a formalized system.  Through strict documentation and procedures, our engineers and operators maintain quality control through every step of production.  At the first stage, the performance must be validated through a series of steps. Examples include:

  1. System performance tests
  2. Flow/pressure tests
  3. Heat transfer tests
  4. Control ability tests
  5. NVH tests

The next stage is to validate the design by conducting tests, including:

  1. Environment (temperature/humidity) reliability tests
  2. Mechanical reliability tests
  3. Electric reliability tests
  4. Component durability tests

Where technology gets to work

With manufacturing sites in China, India and Mexico, SANHUA Automotive continues to expand production capacities to meet the demands of customers. Our parent company, SANHUA Holding Group, has over three decades of high-speed precision metal machining experience that serves to enrich SANHUA Automotive manufacturing. The Hangzhou site alone processes thousands of tons of extruded aluminum and brass materials per year into thermal expansion valves, reservoirs, solenoids, fittings and various refrigerant system valves with precise dimensional accuracy and fine tolerances.

Controlled atmospheric brazing is another cornerstone of our manufacturing prowess, with HVAC micro-channel heat exchangers and cooling system components for engines, electric motors and EV batteries.

At every level of production, SANHUA Automotive focuses on accuracy and product quality. To ensure high standards, we are a one-stop shop. SANHUA Automotive designs and builds all of its manufacturing and assembly lines in-house. We abide by the Six Sigma level “first time” quality standards that require us to consider the design and manufacturing of jigs and fixtures as critical as the final product design itself.

Since we began manufacturing in 2008, SANHUA Automotive has used processes designed to reduce its carbon footprint in the automotive sector and is a reliable partner with companies looking to work responsibly in the world. Within our plants, we are constantly working to improve the final product with monthly reviews of our efficiency and ability to meet the client needs.