Development Tools

Knowledge is key to a successful relationship with customers so we can share technical information about our products. We aim for speed in responding to clients, work to quickly solve problems and provide leading-edge performance while keeping costs competitive.

Our Commitment to Support a Customer’s Optimized Design Iteration Process

Our goal is to support our clients as early as possible in their design and development process.  We value the opportunity to support our customers in the beginning stages of a vehicle’s thermal or powertrain system design.  We understand that this early involvement can yield great dividends to the final design quality, with optimized ultimate performance and superior reliability.  This early initiative can also produce a component with the lightest mass, smallest packaging size and best balanced cost value.  In this early relationship, we can offer the design services of our Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)-trained engineering staff.  We can also offer the support of our analytical simulations and DOE-experienced engineering teams.

An example of this service is our early involvement in the design and development of our stacked plate heat exchanger designs with several top global OEMs. We have assisted many of our clients by designing customized heat exchangers to their unique thermal management requirements.  For example, we can offer an exact heat exchanger footprint size to match the OEM packaging envelope on an engine or the vehicle environment.  We can also work with an OEM early to optimize our internal heat exchanger’s physical characteristics to integrate the component into their thermal system, achieving the best system efficiency.  We can offer multiple design options with detailed component pressure and flow-mapping data to help integrate heat exchanger performance into the early OEM complete system configurations and support their total system analytical calculations.

We also offer this customized early design support for our coolant pump, coolant and refrigerant valve products. For more information about our early design and development support, please contact us.