SANHUA Automotive offers a wide array of products, with an emphasis on thermal management systems and new-energy vehicle HVAC systems. Our complete line of high-quality thermal management products gives us the opportunity to design solutions to our customers’ specific needs while maintaining a competitive price.


Thermal Expansion Valve with Solenoid Valve

  • Cost effective for dual-evaporator cooling
  • Compact design with both functions of TXV and SOV
  • Flexible electrical connecting
  • Both normal close and normal open are available
  • Long life durability


SANHUA Automotive is the industry leader of Thermal Expansion Valves for both Automotive and Commercial applications. A Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) controls the refrigerant flow rate entering the evaporator by controlling the gaseous refrigerant superheat at the evaporator outlet. SANHUA Automotive’s TXV product portfolio includes several types of automotive valve styles.


Medium R134a/R1234yf
Nominal capacity0.5 Ton, 1 Ton , 1.5 Ton, 2.0 Ton
Input voltage 9-16V
Max. operating pressure2.2 MPa (@20℃ & 9V)
Environmental temperature -40°C to 120 °C
External tightness≤2.0 g/y
Internal leakage <100 mL/min (@1.0MPa ∆P air)