SANHUA Automotive offers a wide array of products, with an emphasis on thermal management systems and new-energy vehicle HVAC systems. Our complete line of high-quality thermal management products gives us the opportunity to design solutions to our customers’ specific needs while maintaining a competitive price.

Cooling Plate

  • Simulation aided flow path design with realization of pressure drop, flow rate and heat distribution
  • Experience with integration of manifold, tubing and thermal interface material
  • Dedicated design for battery or electronics cooling
  • Design and manufacturing experience of large size plate


Cooling Plate is using to exchange heat from battery to coolant to cool battery.SANHUA Automotive shares internal in-house design selection tool with customers to customize the cold plate in the OEM early design phases.


Medium Coolant/Refrigerant
Environmental temperature -40 - 120℃
Plate thickness 4-9mm
Max. width 1.6m
Max. length 2.5m
Flatness < 1mm in 1m² area
External tightness ≤2.0 g/year