SANHUA Automotive offers a wide array of products, with an emphasis on thermal management systems and new-energy vehicle HVAC systems. Our complete line of high-quality thermal management products gives us the opportunity to design solutions to our customers’ specific needs while maintaining a competitive price.

EXV & Chiller Assembly

Electronic Expansion Valve & Chiller

  • Simplifies plumbing
  • Minimizes required packaging space
  • Assembly leakage checked before shipping
  • Matched performance between EXV and Chiller
  • Full range of Stack Plate Refrigerant Chillers from 2 kW to 11 kW


Leading integrated technology achieves better system performance and cost competitiveness.

The assembly eliminates several separate pipes and refrigerant plumbing connections. The refrigerant connections are pre-assembled on the assembly and leak checked before shipping from SANHUA Automotive.


Chiller ParametersValues
Pressure after chiller1.5 bar to 6 bar
Burst pressure40 bar
External tightness2 g/y
Coolant50% water + 50% glycol
Coolant working temperature-10°C to 120°C
Refrigerant working temperature-40°C to 120°C
Heat rate2 kW to 12 kW