SANHUA Automotive offers a wide array of products, with an emphasis on thermal management systems and new-energy vehicle HVAC systems. Our complete line of high-quality thermal management products gives us the opportunity to design solutions to our customers’ specific needs while maintaining a competitive price.

Check Valve

Check Valve

  • Fast and safe switching
  • Optimized leakage v.s. flow resistance
  • High reliability


SANHUA Automotive check valves offer excellent control of OEM refrigerant flow with optimized flow and pressure drop performance. SANHUA Automotive’s designs are customized to unique OEM packaging & performance requirements, including long service life usage in R134a/R1234yf and R744 refrigerant systems.


DiameterΦ6, Φ9,Φ10, Φ16
RefrigerantR134a/R1234yf; R744
Max. operating Pressure3.1 MPa
Min. opening pressure15 kPa
Burst pressure10.6 MPa
Pressure drop10.6MPa
Temperature range -40°C to 120°C (Φ10, Φ16)
Internal leakage5mL/min @ 1.03 MPa (air)
Life cycle250,000