SANHUA Automotive offers a wide array of products, with an emphasis on thermal management systems and new-energy vehicle HVAC systems. Our complete line of high-quality thermal management products gives us the opportunity to design solutions to our customers’ specific needs while maintaining a competitive price.


  • Effective refrigerant liquid and gas separation
  • Light -weight design
  • Dedicated oil return design
  • Absorb the remained water in system
  • Applicable for New energy vehicles’ heat pump system
  • Designed for harsh under-hood environments
  • Applicable for R1234yf/R134a refrigerant systems
  • R744 system accumulator Customized developed


An Accumulator is the liquid and gas separator connected between the compressor and evaporator that also functions as a refrigerant storage and moisture absorption device. SANHUA Automotive accumulator designs are customized to OEM packaging & performance requirements. They are designed for usage in R134a/R1234yf systems and R744 applications with or without an Internal Heat eXchanger (IHX).


Ambient working temperature -40°C to 120°C
Filter performance200μm
Burst pressure4.0 MPa
Water absorbing capacity16% wt
Oil return holeΦ1.5
Effective volumesubjects to customers’requirements
External leakage≤2.0 g/year