About Us

SANHUA Automotive is a leading supplier of advanced automotive systems and components for major OEMs, specializing in thermal management systems.

We are committed to developing innovative components that meet our high standards for excellence within budget and on time.


SANHUA Automotive develops products that offer fuel economy savings for conventional vehicles and opportunities for increased mileage range in EV and hybrid vehicles.

SANHUA Automotive develops customized system integration solutions through close collaboration with OEMs, per customers’ requirements.

SANHUA Automotive maintains its industry leadership through an in-depth thermal product portfolio and advancing technological innovation.

As experts in thermal management systems, SANHUA Automotive generates peace of mind for OEMs by being a quality provider, system solution integrator and new technology innovator.


We manage heat, we manage cold. We are experts in thermal management systems.

We are committed to:

  • Energy Savings
  • Environmental Protection
  • Driving Comfort
brand promise


  • Over 7 % annual sales growth over 10 years
  • Over 500 patents globally
  • Over 4% of sales invested in R&D
  • 52 DFSS Green Belt certified engineers
  • 2 full testing capabilities labs with an investment in excess of $15 million


SANHUA Automotive started as a branch of the SANHUA Holding Group (SHG) decades ago. Established in 1984, SHG is now a global company providing products and services for Automotive, Residential & Commercial HVAC&R and Home Appliance markets with a revenue of $3.7 billion in 2018. SANHUA Automotive has taken a further step into the role of an Integrated Thermal Management products supplier. We are now ready to expand our global sales network, establish strategic relationships with global first-class customers, integrated our industrial resources and global manufacturing footprint internationally.

  • 1987 | SHG started developing automotive TXV
  • 1991 | Developed Receiver Drier & Pressure Switch for Beijing Jeep
  • 1994 | Started a joint venture with a Japanese company for TXVs
  • 2003 | Set up a business unit specialized for automotive business
  • 2004 | Established SANHUA Automotive
  • 2009 | Established an automotive R&D Center for thermal developments
  • 2011 | TXV sales reached 10 million pieces
  • 2015 | TXV achieved a second global market share
  • 2017 | Became the first China based global company that won PACE Award
  • 2017 | Established a new R&D Center in North America
  • 2018 | Established a new R&D Center in Europe
  • 2019 | Opening of new production building in Poland



  • Responsive | Our customers deserve and expect fast, responsive service. As their needs change and evolve, we spring into action to find the right solution.
  • Dependable | High quality products and dedicated customer service follow-through.
  • Value Oriented | We use advanced design tools and follow lean manufacturing guidelines. The result is an innovative approach that is cost-effective and meets our high quality standards.
  • Innovative | Advanced technology with massive investment in R&D.
  • Flexible | Tailored and optimized design to meet clients’ requirements.


Based in Hangzhou, China, SANHUA Automotive has global reach:

  • 3 engineering centers in China, North America and Europe
  • 3 manufacturing plants in China, Mexico and India
  • 5 sales branches in China, Japan, South Korea, North America and Europe

SANHUA Automotive is dedicated to making environmentally sustainable products, thermal management systems and new technology innovations. SANHUA Automotive enables its clients to keep their promise to make the world faster, safer and greener.