Thermal Bypass Valve

Dramatically reduces fuel consumption in cold weather

【 Introduction 】

The thermal bypass valve is used in transmission cooling & heating systems.  It regulates oil flow and flow direction in order to self-control the operating temperature of the transmission.  OEMS use the TBV to retain oil in the transmission in cold weather, thereby heating the oil quickly and reducing internal friction. This feature reduces fuel consumption significantly in cold weather. In hot weather the valve allows oil to flow to the vehicle auxiliary air-to-oil cooler for maximum cooling performance.

【 Features and benefits 】

  • Highly reliable – mass production: 2 million per year
  • Light weight but with heavy duty aluminum extruded body
  • Stainless steel interior components
  • Flexible plumbing connection interfaces available
  • Capable of withstanding harsh under-hood environments

【Product Series 】

Thermal bypass valve with pressure relief function:


  • Without the pressure relief function of thermostat valve


【 Parameters 】