Expansion Valve

Leading technology with precise flow control Applicable for R1234yf / R134a and R744 refrigerant systems

【 Introduction 】

SANHUA’s EXV (Electronic eXpansion Valve) was designed to replace conventional mechanical TXV (thermostatic expansion valve) devices. The new EXV which can be controlled via a LIN or PWM signal is available for R134a, R1234yf and R744 refrigerant systems.

SAE J12275 MAC testing has proven that a SANHUA Automotive EXV can improve the refrigerant system COP of a typical passenger vehicle by more than 10% when tested at various points along the test matrix. Studies have also indicated that an EXV can be especially effective in maximizing internal heat exchanger system performance.  This EXV can precisely control compressor inlet superheat to achieve higher system efficiency by optimizing evaporator and IHX heat transfer more effectively than a conventional TXV. This superior, responsive and stable superheat control reduces a/c compressor loads which results in improved fuel economy, compressor reliability and refrigerant system NVH quality.

【 Features and benefits 】

  • Capable of total refrigerant shut off
  • Designed for under-hood environments
  • LIN integrated control board with OBD capability

Durability produced with:

  •  Powder-metal valve nut
  •  Self-lubricating characteristics
  •  Screw lead made of stainless steel

【 Parameters 】